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'Go To Work On An Egg'
"Go to work on an egg" was an advertising slogan used by the United Kingdom's Egg Marketing Board during the 1950s as part of more than 12 million it spent on advertising, including a series of television adverts starring the comedian Tony Hancock and actress Patricia Hayes in 1965. The commercials were created by British director, Len Fulford. The proposition was that having an egg for breakfast was the best way to start the working day. Author Fay Weldon helped to create the campaign.

In 2007, plans to rebroadcast the original television adverts were rejected by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre, which observed that the adverts did not suggest a varied diet. The 11 adverts was instead made available on an anniversary website and a DVD.

Go To Work On An Egg
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In April 2020 the BFI release the Battle of the Sexes on dual format (Blu-Ray plus DVD), one of the Special Features was the 11 "Go to work on an egg" listed under "Hancock's Hard Boiled Eggs" and named as:-

  • 1. Wolf Cub
  • 2. Crossword Puzzles
  • 3. Carpenter
  • 4. Average Englishman
  • 5. Economist
  • 6. Soldiers
  • 7. Professional Jealousy
  • 8. Omelettes
  • 9. Posters
  • 10. Violinist
  • 11. Continental Breakfast
The Battle of the Sexes
The Battle of the Sexes
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