The Missing Hancocks Series 2The Missing Hancocks
(Series 2)

Kevin McNally stars in five further brand new recordings of original Hancock's Half Hour scripts by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. Hancock's Half Hour was an enormously popular radio sitcom in the 1950s, but several of the episodes were not retained in the BBC Sound Archive and are believed to be lost. Following the successful first series, five more episodes have been recreated by BBC Radio 4, with Kevin McNally once more reprising the role made famous by Tony Hancock.

The episodes are 'How Hancock Won the War', 'The Red Planet', 'The Marriage Bureau', 'A Visit to Russia' and 'The Trial of Father Christmas'. Also included is a bonus Director's Commentary for the Series 1 episode 'The Matador', in which Andy Hamilton talks to Kevin McNally and co-producer Neil Pearson about the challenges, and joys, of recreating a 1950s sitcom. Among the supporting cast are Simon Greenall, Kevin Eldon and Robin Sebastian.

Disc 1
How Hancock Won The War
          (Re-make of Radio Series 3 Episode 16 - 1st February 1956)
The Red Planet
          (Re-make of Radio Series 3 Episode 7 - 30th November 1955)
Disc 2
The Marriage Bureau
          (Re-make of Radio Series 1 Episode 15 - 8th February 1955)
A Visit To Russia
          (Re-make of Radio Series 3 Episode 9 - 14th December 1955)
Disc 3
The Trial of Father Christmas
          (Re-make of Radio Series 3 Episode 10 - 21st December 1955)
Director's Commentary
          (for the Series 1 episode 'The Matador')